Trans Regions

Trans Regions Commercial Company’s activities extend across the Middle East and East Asia, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Arabian Sea, and it is considered one of the largest holding companies in the region and has major ownership stakes in the automotive, agricultural, and chemical services sectors.

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Inktrapp™ Team
Visual Identity Design

Al Farida Farms

Organic Farming
Subsidiary of Trans Regions

Al Farida Farms is an agricultural company that is dedicated to making a positive impact on society by adopting innovative and environmentally conscious practices. Brand's core mission revolves around transitioning from conventional farming methods to organic and sustainable farming techniques.


Auto Maintenance
Subsidiary of Trans Regions

Automotive Maintenance Center (AMC) is a trusted partner in keeping vehicles running smoothly, looking pristine and ensuring clients' peace of mind. The company's services extend beyond car service, denting, painting or mechanical repair.


Subsidiary of Trans Regions

WorldRep is a trading group with more than 30 years of experience and interests in industrial Chemicals with subsidiaries and associated companies in different parts of the world. Worldrep is a professionally managed company, supported to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction through unmatched quality.

WorldRep has its roots in the Middle East, Africa & Asia. The Company was founded by a successful Management career of over 30 years with one of the major MNC in the oil field chemicals & services industry in the Middle East


Trans Regions is on the verge of launching its IPO in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Having grappled with branding challenges, the Inktrapp™ Team stepped in to assist Trans Regions and its holding companies in crafting iconic visual identities for their brands.

The services encompassed strategic branding and visual design, including stationery and logo design, among other elements. We are proud to have played a pivotal role in enhancing the overall brand presence for Trans Regions and its affiliated companies.

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